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Getting a Professional photographer is the second largest cost next to your Venue and Catering. You are going to look stunning, people are going to be in tears and out of breath by your beauty, but who will be there to capture all of this? Aunt Jane has a good digital camera, but does she know how to use it? Uncle Jimmy can hold a camera, but does he know how to edit photos and video? These are a few reasons why you decide to hire a Professional. You will get stunning results for the amount of money you put into it. Professionals utilize cameras, lenses, lights, and software to present your work. They know to show up on time, take clear and precise photos, and deal with situations in a timely manner. Many people think that they can take pictures, but a professional has dealt with enough weddings to work around any last minute changes. What if you decide to dash for a quick kiss with your husband, and the moment was over in an instant? To a professional, it’s a matter of two clicks.. and snap, the photo is ready. Most amateurs will miss the moment.

How to pick a photographer?

Photography is both an art and a profession. When you pay for a photographer, you are paying for his time, artistry, and final product. There are many different styles of photography and videography. I shoot photos with a very photojournalistic feel. I capture not only formals but also candids and details. Each wedding is different and should be treated like that. As for videography, it is actually called cinematography or documentary. I mix in voice-overs, and music to express your day better. I hope you enjoy my portfolio as you browse the site. Style. If you like the photographer’s style, then find out if your date is open and how much it will cost. I personally mix posed and photojournalistic photos. All final edited photos go onto a disc for you to print out at your leisure.

What makes a good photo?

When looking at photos look at the lighting, the color, composition and focus.

What is a good cost for a photographer?

Finding the right photographer is looking at their product and deciding if your budget can allow for what you want.  Photography is not a commodity. Making sure you have a solid photographer is a necessity. All professional photographers have a high equipment cost, each lens costs between $1500-$2600…and up.  And if you’re fully equipped you have multiple lenses. On top of that professionals realize the importance of paying taxes.  This accounts for approximately 25-30% of your total cost.  After your wedding day the photographer will spend days to edit your photos…and for video it tends to take a lot longer. The list goes on with other expenses, and upkeep costs. My prices and packages can vary considerably depending on what exactly you want. I offer all kinds of different services, so instead of me throwing out a number here that could be completely wrong, give me a call and we can discuss exactly what you’d want and how we can make that happen within your budget.

How many photos can be expected?

The average runs anywhere between 300-600. I deliver at least 600 photos.

How do I get them?

You are given a digital download code for you and your family to use 1 month from the delivery date. If you’re really really nice and ask, I could probably throw in a USB as well ;).

Engagement Sessions

Engagement shoots are a way to get to know each other. Each couple is unique in their own way, and by being able to get a feel for you, I am able to understand how to capture you best.

What is expected?

A relaxed and natural environment. We will roam around your chosen venues taking various posed and candid shots. Each session usually lasts between about an hour and at most two hours, depending on how many outfits and locations you choose. Usually, I recommend 3-5 outfits and 1-3 locations. I recommend wearing a nice top, like a dress shirt with jeans. Think business casual. Dress to your scenery…match colors…compliment each other. I am always willing to give a little consulting before the shoot. Bring props! Think of anything you share…a pet, a special memento, etc.

Wedding Day

It’s your day. The one big occasion where all eyes are going to be on you. And your photographer is the one you depend on to capture that day. On your wedding day, expect to be picked at, primped, and propped to make sure that your day goes perfectly. You should not need to worry about one of the biggest things in your event.

Do you travel?

Is that a question???  YES!  I love to travel. From in the states to a Destination wedding.  The fact is that you will spend significantly more money hiring a photographer in a larger city because of their upkeep costs.  You can save so much more money by finding a trusted small city photographer that has the same talent and product.

Do you provide a second photographer?

Although I almost always have an assistant or two with, it is not guaranteed that they will shoot. More than likely they will be snapping a few throughout the day but if you would like a guaranteed second photographer, then please inquire about pricing for a second photographer.

Should we feed you?

Please!  This is one of the nicest things for you to do.  It will allow so I do not have to leave to find something to eat.  Also I request that you allow us to eat when you eat.  This allows for more potential pictures to be produced. All Pricing and Packages are subject to Wisconsin 5.5% sales tax. More on wedding Planning
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