A couple walking down a path with golf clubs, captured by a La Crosse proposal photographer.

La Crosse Proposal Photographer – Getting the shot

La Crosse Proposal Photographer

Its not every day you get a call around 4pm asking for proposal pictures that night at 6pm, but when I do, I am more than happy to step up to the plate.  Being a La Crosse Proposal Photographer requires a heavy sense of urgency and secrecy.  By all means you have to be ready for any possible outcome.  In a sense it is more exhilarating than a wedding.  During a wedding at least people know that they are getting photos taken of them.  During a proposal you have to make every move in secrecy. During this proposal I made my way down to Forest Hills Golf club while the couple was golfing.  I was on hole 6, getting ate alive by gnats while I faked as a golfer…which…I am not.  As the couple approached hole 9 the groom to be had a worker from the golf course place the ring in the hole.  As they finished their golfing for the day he finished with a big bang.  Reaching into the hole for the ball and coming out with a ring surprised her quite a bit.  He then had family members arrive a little late at the club house waiting to greet them with smiles and joy.  I really love making memories, one click at a time.

Notable take away thoughts when shooting a proposal?  Well first off be ready to bring bug spray.  Maybe its just me, but I had gnats constantly swarming me.  Granted, we have had quite a lot of rain and that has seemed to create more insect activity this year that I noticed.  Next up would be the equipment used.  For this shoot I choose to shoot with a 70d.  I have one of these in my arsenal for moments just like these.  I need more reach rather than full frame sensors due to the distance away from the subject.  Couple the 70d with a 70-300 will give you effectively 480mm reach.  If you don’t mind the loss of light and slight image quality reduction you could throw a 2x tele on as well.


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