A Florida bride flips during a mesmerizing dance at her wedding reception.

Florida Bride Flips Bridal Party Off

Yes, you read it right.  This Florida Bride Flips off the whole wedding party.  I still come back to this picture and laugh out loud.  It is so her.  Even when double checking with the bride she said…yes…that’s me…I’ll never apologize.  She even let me know that there are already a million pictures online of her flipping the bird to a large crowd (admittedly drunk).  Its that same confidence that she has that lets her rock this red almost Ariel like hair.  The best thing was that this wedding was not as traditional.  I showed up, was offered a drink. After avoiding her cats (I’m allergic) I made my way to the guys, who offered me a beer.  The whole wedding was so laid back.  The ceremony was no more than 5 minutes up and down.  It was directly on the beach in Panama City Beach, FL.  They chose a reception venue in a art museum.  they dressed the wedding up with a very large candy bar and had some great moments. The wedding probably included about 75 people total if that.  They were a close nit group. This meant that the maid of honor had some choice words to share that made the bride cry.  As well the best man had people on their toes sharing funny stories from their past. After finishing up the wedding me and my second shooter made our way back to the hotel and on our way back up to Wisconsin.  We chose to drive due to wanting to stop to take some pictures in Nashville, TN.  The weather down South was amazing.  I actually thought it was too hot at times. I will miss the fine white sandy beaches, tall cold drinks and umbrellas.  Of course I travel all around the world so if you have any questions about that, please feel free to email me anytime!




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