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Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Prep

costa rica Wedding Bridal Prep


Costa Rica Wedding Bridal Prep

In the hustle and bustle of a Costa Rica wedding day preparations, brides can find themselves a little overwhelmed. I hope this article can help you be more aware of some things you need to think about.  Many of these points will be great for weddings in general, however This photo was regarding a destination wedding in Costa Rica.

1. Eat

Nobody wants to see a bride faint or feel famished due to not eating.  Your stomach will not expand enough to make you look unflattering in your dress.  I would recommend monitoring what you eat.  For instance, I know that I personally bloat when I eat broccoli, so obviously I would not eat broccoli.  Something I sip on throughout the wedding day is BCAA’s.  I prefer Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep.  It tastes like candy but is not a replacement to eating food.  It just keeps me going on a long wedding day.

2. Hair, Face, Dress, repeat.

Go to the stylist.  In this case the bride was a stylist and preferred to do it herself.  Then get your makeup on.  Finally get the dress on.  Sometimes (sounds odd I know) a plastic bag helps you to slip on through the dress without hanging your hair up on the inside of your dress.  Once you are in, fine tune the hair, face and dress, obviously.

3. Get your Vitamins

Your wedding day is no reason for you to suffer malnutrition.  In fact if you think about shine, vitamine B is great for your hair.

4. Drink your water!

Water is an essential part of your body, and the less you drink the more your body holds onto it.

5. Invest early

Tanning and acne creams are no good the day of.  Stay on top of your tan (if you are wanting that) and keep your skin clean leading up to the day and you are less likely to have issues in the future.  Also, consider when you have the wedding…if in the summer maybe you should consider tanning to even out the tan lines from the bikini!

6. Get your sleep

Get 7-9 hours of rest at least a week coming up to the wedding.  The eyes will become droopy if you dont.  You have to be thinking about this coming up to the day.

7. Avoid extreme dieting

If you are eating healthy and keeping a consistant lifestyle, dont try to crash diet, you can really mess your body up.  I have seen women taper down their carbs, sugar and sodium in order to drop that last little bit of body weight.  Physique lifters do this…and that may work, but they also have a specific plan to keep healthy when dropping the last little bit of water weight.

8. Lip Balm

Consider using Vaseline with vitamin E when approaching the wedding day.  It will keep your lips fuller.

9. Get a damn pedicure

Spend the money…nobody likes nasty looking feet.

10. Final points:

By now you should have a schedule all set.  Make sure you have extra copies for everyone.  Keep your flowers hydrated in between pictures and such.  Have a small contact list of everyone importants number on it in case you need it.  Focus on your party and guests, the day is all about you, but they will see you in a whole new light if  you can show them some love.  Finally prepare to dance in the rain (even if its metaphorically).

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